I strive to do better, be better, help more, love more….I’m not perfect, far from it.  
But every single day, in every way I can…. I try to make a change. 


    So I am the blessed mama of three beautiful boys who has been homeschooled for the last 3 years. Life is hectic and most of the time I feel like I’m trying to juggle 10 balls without dropping them. 

    “Be the change that you want to see in the world”

    Mahatma Ghandi

    Several years ago I was faced with some huge decisions that had to be made regarding who I was; as a parent predominantly but then as a person and human being. I was forced to hold a mirror up to myself and as hard as that was, it enabled me to change the trajectory of my life. I started meditating regularly, dug deep down inside to discover my wounds and begin the healing process. There are always layers, but each new level I reach with my own healing provides new opportunities for learning. 

    As I grow, I uncover more and more of the gifts I have been blessed with. Trusting plays a HUGE part in what I do. Trusting the process, trusting the intuitive messages I’m given are the right ones for the individual I’m working with, and trusting that what happens in a session is exactly as it is meant to be. Every person has the ability to heal themselves, but we can all become so stuck in our “stuff”. That’s where I can help; providing clarity, messages, insight and experience. It truly brings me so, so much joy to see the mind blowing awakenings and changes that occur in clients. There is literally nothing that quite compares. I am sincerely blessed to be doing what I am doing. 

    Almost a year ago, I decided to move my work out of the house and onto the front lawn. We live on such a beautiful property, overlooking French Island and Westernport Bay, so a bell tent on the front lawn was the perfect choice. Regardless of whether it’s during the day, warm in the sun, listening to the rain on the roof or at night lit by candlight, to be in the belly of this amazing space is an experience in itself.